Tundrian, like other Romance languages, uses the Latin alphabet. In addition to the basic 26 letters it uses three kinds of accents placed above vowels: the acute (as in é), the circumflex (as in ê) and the trema (as in ë). As well, it uses the subscript cedilla placed below the consonant c: ç.

The full list of letters with diacritics is as follows:

á â ç é ê ë í î ï ó ô ú û ü ý

Accents and the cedilla are preserved with capitals: Âfrica, Çûncia.

Rarely used letters

Of the 26 basic letters, k and w are only used in recently adopted words and names of foreign origin, e.g. kantismo 'the philosophy of Kant' and wagón 'wagon, carriage'. The most common use of the letter k is in the measurement prefix kilo-, meaning 'a thousand'.

Order of the letters

The order of the alphabet is as in English:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Accents and the cedilla are not taken into consideration during the alphabetic ordering of letters: e.g. the correct order is: accêr, ân, apilha.

Digraphs (e.g. <ei> or <nh>) do not have their own place in the alphabetic order either. Thus <-ei-> comes between  <-eh-> and <-ej->, and <-nh-> comes between <-ng-> and <-ni->