8 October - Added a page on the Paris tram system, 1926.

7 October - On the Countries of the world - Africa page, added the new flag of Lesotho and put in a link to the Lesotho government site.

28 September - Added information on the new countries of Serbia and Montenegro to the Countries of the World - Europe page.

19-21 January - Added pages on the Vancouver streetcar systems of 1949, 1952 and 1955.

18 January - Added a page on the Vancouver streetcar system, ca. 1940.

14 January - Updated the Airports page.


1-2 October - Added a page on the Bern tram system. Redid the Urban Light Rail Transportation Systems page.

24 April - Prepared the page on Responses to Openings of 1 Heart / 1 Spade in my Bridge pages.

16 February - Finished updating the Monarchies and Royalty Directory page.

12 February - Finished updating the Airports Web Directory page.

23 January - Finished transferring site to a new server. Finished establishing new look styling.

End of 2004 - Beginning of 2005

Transfer of site to a new server in Switzerland. Redoing of coding from Front Page to "pure" HTML. Design of new stylesheets, including colour coding for each major theme.


30 March - Finished putting Part 6 of my father's autobiography on the Web.

11 February - Finished page on Tundrian pronouns (and related forms).

26 January - Added a section on personal pronouns in Tundrian.

23 January - Finished 3rd conjugation irregular verbs in Tundrian.

20 January - Finished 2nd conjugation irregular verbs in Tundrian. Also, fixed Unicode-related problems on various pages on Indo-European linguistics.

7 January - Worked on the page on 2nd conjugation irregular verbs in Tundrian, right up to the Pluperfect Indicative and Imperfect Subjunctive forms.


17 December - Added a page on my Family to the top-level menu of my home page, and made connections to three complete chapters (in two languages) of the reminiscences of my father.

28 November - Changed three pages to Unicode encoding in the Tundrian language pages.

10 November - Added a page on 1st conjugation irregular verbs in Tundrian.

21 September - Added a page on Tundrian verbs.

25 August - Modified pages on bridge bidding (changed suit abbreviations to suit symbols).

18 May - Added the Tundrian translation of the first part of Genesis 11 (The Tower of Babel).

10 May - Added a page on the formation of feminines in Tundrian adjectives.

29 April - Finished editing the Tundrian noun /adjective declension page .

30 March - Regularized A-C in the Tundrian-English dictionary pages.

25 March - I finished the Tundrian-English dictionary pages.

3 March - I worked on the declension of nouns in Tundrian.

10 Feb. - Modified page on bridge opening bids.

5 Feb. - I added the first three actual literary texts to my Tundrian collection.

1 Feb. - Made some changes in the Indo-European nominal morphology page.

20 Jan. - Updated my Language Classification Table (for real languages, this time).


30 Dec. - I finished the English-Tundrian dictionary pages.

26 Nov. - I added a map showing the geographical distribution of languages in Tundria.

22 March - Worked on my bridge bidding pages.