Bridge is a card game that I have played on and off since I was 16. Playing bridge requires a combination of mathematical-logical thinking and social interaction that really appeals to me - it is also a good way to exercise one's immediate recall memory, an increasingly important consideration after the age of 50.

Basically, however, I just enjoy it!

I don't think I have any special insights into the play of the hand or playing defence. However, I am interested in bidding theory, and over the years I have developed a variation of the French 5-card major (Majeure cinquième) bidding system, parts of which I shall describe in these pages. The system was developed together with Barbara Perkins, with whom I have played bridge for the past 15 years or so, and to whom much of the credit should go.

The parts of the bidding system I have described so far are:

Some abbreviations:

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