Nov. 1934

The Adelaide and Port Adelaide tram systems just before the first closure of a tram line in Port Adelaide.


Old trams in Adelaide video
Above: YouTubeCA video - Adelaide Trams from 1965 to 1976. Silent Movie - Length: 17:36 mins.


Adelaide tram Adelaide tram


Adelaide-1934 tram map

I created the above map by overlaying an OpenStreetMap (OSM) map with my own data. Copyright on the OSM map is © OpenStreetMap contributors, licensed under a CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence).

Please note that the OSM map used as a template for this map corresponds to the situation at the time the map was downloaded and may show features that did not exist at the time the GS Tram Site is supposed to show. In particular, it may show bridges and highways that were built later.


Operator: Municipal Tramways Trust

    G Glenelg City Centre - Goodwood - Morphettville Racecourse - Glenelg
    3 Kilkenny City Centre - North Adelaide - Croydon - Kilkenny
    4 Prospect City Centre - North Adelaide - Prospect
    5 Enfield City Centre - North Adelaide - Enfield
    6 Walkerville North City Centre - North Adelaide - Gilberton - Walkerville
    7 St. Peters City Centre - College Park - St. Peters
    8 Paradise City Centre - College Park - Payneham - Paradise
    9 Morialta City Centre - Beulah Park - Morialta
10 Magill City Centre - Beulah Park - Magill
11 Kensington Gardens City Centre - Norwood Oval - Kensington Gardens
12 Burnside City Centre - Kensington Rd. - Burnside
13 Linden Park City Centre - Dulwich - Linden Park
14 Glen Osmond City Centre - Parkside - Glen Osmond
15 Fullarton City Centre - Parkside - Fullarton
16 Kingswood City Centre - Parkside - Kingswood
17 Mitcham City Centre - Malvern - Mitcham
18 Hyde Park City Centre - Hyde Park
19 Colonel Light Gardens City Centre - Goodwood - Kings Park - Colonel Light Gardens
20 Keswick City Centre - Wayville - Keswick
21 Hilton City Centre - Hilton
22 Henley North City Centre - Lockleys - Henley Beach - Henley North
23 Findon City Centre - Hindmarsh - Findon
24 Largs Port Adelaide - Largs
25 Semaphore Port Adelaide - Semaphore
26 Rosewater Port Adelaide - Rosewater
27 Albert Park Port Adelaide - Albert Park

NB (1): The route numbers given above and on the map are for the convenience of readers, and were not used by the operator (who used the route designation given in the second column). I adopted them from the map designed by R.T. Horne (see in the printed sources).

NB (2): All Adelaide routes (G and 1-23) started in the city centre, but I have no sources as to where the city terminal of any one route was. In any case, many routes were part of through services, with no actual terminal in the city centre, just a change of route designation. For example, the Cheltenham - Wayville West (routes 3 and 20) were part of a through service. In Port Adelaide, all routes (24-27) started in the centre of Port Adelaide at the corner of St. Vincent St. & Commercial Rd.

NB (3): Port Adelaide routes were abandoned as follows: 27: Nov. 1934; 24-26: July 1935.






The Tramway Museum, St Kilda, north of Adelaide, has a large collection of preserved trams, often used for tourist rides on city streets.





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