7 May 1946

The Cleveland streetcar system just before the first post-war track abandonment (the Scovill 8 route).


Cleveland Streetcars video Shaker Heights Rapid Transit video
Above: YouTubeCA video - Cleveland's Public Square during the evening Rush Hour - Length: 3:23 mins. Above: YouTubeCA video - Shaker Heights Rapid Transit And More (Circa 1960) - Length: 36:26 mins.


Cleveland streetcar Cleveland Shaker Hts Rapid Transit photo


Cleveland Streetcar map 1946


Central Cleveland streetcar map – 1946

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DISCONTINUATION DATES OF STREETCAR TRACKS BETWEEN 7 MAY 1946 AND 23 JAN. 1954 (affected route numbers in parentheses).



Operator: Cleveland Transit System

  1 St. Clair Public Sq. - St. Clair Av. Eastward this route branches to: 1A (St. Clair Av. - Nottingham Rd.); 1B (St. Clair Av. - E 152nd St. - Euclid Beach Park); 1C (St. Clair Av. - E 152nd St. - Waterloo Rd.)
  2 Superior Ontario St. - Public Sq. - Superior Av. - E 123rd Av. - St. Clair Av. - E 140th St. - Euclid Beach Park
  5 Cedar Ontario St. - Prospect Av. - Cedar Av. - Euclid Hts.
  6 Euclid Union Stn. - Public Sq. - Euclid Av. Eastward this route branches to: 6A (Euclid Av. - Chardon Rd.); 6B (Euclid Av. - Hayden Av. - E 152nd St. - Collinwood); 6C (Euclid Av. - Hayden Av. - St. Clair Av.); 6D (Euclid Hts. - Mayfield Rd. - Cleveland Hts); 6E (Euclid Hts. - Fairmount Blvd. - University Hts)
  8 Cedar Ontario St. - Prospect Av. - Scovill Av. - Quincy Av. - Woodhill Rd.
  9A Woodland Prospect Av. - Woodland Av. - E 130th
  9B Buckeye Prospect Av. - Woodland Av. - Buckeye Rd. - E 130th
10 Kinsman Prospect Av. - Woodland Av. - Kinsman Rd. - Mt. Pleasant
11 Broadway - Miles Prospect Av. - Ontario St. - Broadway Av. - Miles Av.
12 Union Prospect Av. - Ontario St. - Broadway Av. - Union Av. - E 116th St. - Corlett Av.
16 W 25th Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - W 25th St. - Pearl Rd. Southward this route branches to: 16A (Pearl Rd. - Brookpark Rd.); 16B (State Rd. - W 35th St.); 16C (Broadway Rd. - Brookpark Rd.)
17 Detroit Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - Rocky River
18 Clifton Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - Clifton Blvd. - Rocky River
19 Madison Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - W 65th St. - Madison Av. - Riverside Dr.
20 Lorain Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - W 25th St. - Loraine Av. - Rocky River Dr. - Puritas Rd.
21 Clark Av. Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - W 25th St. - Clark Av. - W 73rd St. - Denison Av. - Loraine Av.
22A E 55th - E 71st St. Clair Av. - E 55th St. - E 49th St. - Fleet Av. - E 71st St. - Grant Av.
22B E 55th - Washington Blvd. St. Clair Av. - E 55th St. - E 49th St. - E 49th St. - Washington Blvd. - Newburgh Ht.
23 East 105th St. Clearview Park - E 105th St. - Woodhill Rd. - E 93rd St. - Harvard Av.
26 Harvard - Denison Edgewater Park - W 65th St. - Denison Av. - Harvard Av. - E 93rd St.
29 Fulton - Denison W 73rd Public Sq. - Detroit Av. - Fulton Rd. - Denison Av. - W 73rd St.


Operator: Shaker Heights Rapid Transit

  B Blue Line Tower City - E 34th St. Stn. - E 55th St. Stn. - Shaker Sq. - Shaker Hts. - Green Rd.
  G Green Line Tower City - E 34th St. Stn. - E 55th St. Stn. - Shaker Sq. - Warrensville

The streetcar route numbers and the letters used for light rail routes are of an indicative nature only, and were not used by the operator.









Special thanks to Russell Powers from Denver CO for information on the history of the Cleveland system.

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