30 Sept. 1936

The Little Rock streetcar system on the day before the discontinuation of the Fifteenth Street line.


Little Rock 1936 streetcar map

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Operator: Capital Transportation Co.

All routes with the exception of the shuttle line 11 originated downtown. The other numbered Little Rock routes were through-lined as follows: 1-8, 2-3, 4-5, 6-9, 7-10. The North Little Rock routes (A-C) originated downtown, but were not through-lined.

  1 South Main Downtown - Main St. - W 23rd - Ring Dr. (Loop)
  2 M&P Station Downtown - W Markham St. - M&P Station
  3 15th Str. Downtown - Main St. - W 15th St. - W 16th St. - Summit St. - W 25th St. [now W Roosevelt Rd.]
  4 W 9th St. Downtown - Main St. - W 9th St. - High St. [now Martin Luther King Drive] - W 36th St.
  5 Rock Island Station Downtown - E Markham St. [now Pres. Clinton Av.] - Rock Island Station
  6 Fair Park Downtown - Capitol Av. [back: W Markham St.] - State Capitol - W 13th St. - W 11th St. - Fair Park (Baseball)
  7 S Highland Downtown - Capitol Av. - [back: W Markham St.] - State Capitol - W 13th St. - S Woodrow St. - W 20th St. [now W Charles Bussey Av.] - S Lewis St. - S Highland
  8 Pulaski Heights Downtown - W Markham St. - Kavanaugh Blvd. - Pulaski Hts.
  9 E 9th St. Downtown - Main St. - E 9th St. - Thomas St. - E 6th St. - Townsend
10 E 14th St. Downtown - Main St. - E 14th St. - College St.
11 Biddle Shops Main St. - Biddle Shops (Confederacy [Now Springer Blvd.]) [Shuttle]
  A N Little Rock - Main Downtown (Markham & Main) - Main St. Bridge - N Main St. - 24th St. (N Little Rock)
  B N Little Rock - Pike Downtown (Markham & Main) - Main St. Bridge - N Main St. - W 4th St. (N Little Rock) - Pike Av. - W 18th St. (N Little Rock)
  C N Little Rock - Washington Downtown (Markham & Main) - Main St. Bridge - N Main St. - E Washington Av. - Walnut St.

Note: Numbered and lettered route designations are for convenience only; they were not used by the operator.









Also, many thanks to Mr Russell Powers of Lone Tree, CO, USA, for kindly sending me information and documents concerning the history of the Little Rock streetcar system. Some of this material is from Mr Van Wilkins.

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