June 1946

New York streetcar New York subway New York El train

Because of the complexity of the New York streetcar and subway network, there are four maps showing the routes:

FIRST MAP: MANHATTAN (except for Upper Manhattan)

Manhattan tram map – 1946

SECOND MAP: THE BRONX (including Upper Manhattan)

Bronx downtown tram map – 1946


Brooklyn & Queens tram map – 1946


Broooklyn downtown tram map – 1946

I created the above maps by overlaying OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps with my own data. Copyright on the OSM maps is © OpenStreetMap contributors, licensed under a CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence).

Please note that the OSM maps used as templates for these maps correspond to the situation at the time the maps were downloaded and may show features that did not exist at the time the GS Tram Site is supposed to show. In particular, they may show bridges and highways that were built later.



BH (Brooklyn) Borough Hall LI Long Island RR Interchange
CA Corona Ave. MA Manhattan Av.
CS Crescent Street NA Nassau Av.
FHP Fort Hamilton Park Ne Neptune Av.
HA Hegeman Av. TA Tilden Av.
HS Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets WP Williamsburg Plaza
JS Joyce St.      


EF Edgewater Ferry      


Operator: New York City Board of Transportation


THE BRONX (and some lines extending into Manhattan)

  A Westchester Av. The Hub - Westchester Av. - Westchester Sq.
Ba* Bailey Av. Kingsbridge - Bailey Av. - Fordham Rd. - Fordham
BR* Boston Rd. Mott Haven - The Hub - Boston Rd. - West Farms Sq. - Morris Park Av. - Morris Park
  C Bronx & Van Cortlandt Parks Crosstown West Farms Sq. - E 180th St. - Southern Blvd. - Fordham Rd. - Kingsbridge Rd. - Broadway - Riverdale (City Line)
  L St. Ann's Ave. Mott Haven - St. Ann's Ave. - E 161st St.
  O Ogden Av. Amsterdam Av. - W 155th St. - Ogden Av. - Washington Br. - Broadway
SB* Southern Blvd. Mott Haven - Southern Blvd. - Belmont
Se* Sedgwick Av. Sedgwick Av. - Burnside Av. - Tremont Av. - 3rd Av.
Tr* Tremont Av. University Av. - Burnside Av. - Tremont Av. - West Farms Sq. - Tremont Av. - Throgs Neck
  U University Av. Broadway - Washington Br. - University Av. - Kingsbridge Rd. - Sedgwick Av. - 238th St. - Kingsbridge
VS* Sound View Av. Hunts Point - Westchester Av. - Sound View Av. - Clason Point
VW* Williamsbridge 3rd Av. - Tremont Av. - West Farms Sq. - Morris Park Av. - White Plains Rd. - E Gun Hill Rd.
  W Webster & White Plains Avenues The Hub - Melrose Av. - Webster Av. - White Plains Rd. - Wakefield (City Line)
X138** 138th St. Crosstown 8th Av. (Manhattan) - W 135th St. - Madison Av. - E 138th St. (Bronx) - Port Morris

* Some lines shared their letter designations (B, S, T, V). In these cases, I added a second letter for clarity.

** There was one crosstown line designated with the letter X. For clarity, I added 138 to it (since it was also known as the 138th Street line).

BROOKLYN (and some lines extending to Manhattan and Queens)

  2 Bergen St. Sackett St. - Smith St. - Bergen St. - St. Johns Pl. - Liberty Av. - Sheridan Av.
  3 Sumner Ave. Williamsburg Plaza - Broadway - Sumner Av. (Marcus Garvey Blvd.) - St. Johns Pl. - Hegeman Av.
  5 St Johns Place Borough Hall - Livingston St. - Atlantic Av. - Washington Av. - St Johns Place - Rockaway Ave. - Hegeman Av.
  7 Tompkins Av. Delancey Underground (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Williamsburg Plaza - Tompkins Av. - Kingston Av. - Empire Blvd. - Prospect Park
  8 Church Av. 39th St. Ferry - 39th St. - Church Av. - Hegeman Av.
  9 Rockaway Parkway Canarsie–Rockaway Parkway - Canarsie Pier
10 Ralph & Rockaway Avenues Delancey Underground (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Williamsburg Plaza - Broadway - Ralph Av. - E New York Av. - Rockaway Ave. - Hegeman Av.
13 Gravesend & Church Avenues Long Island RR Interchange - MacDonald Av. - Church Av. - Hegeman Av.
14 Wilson Av. Williamsburg Plaza - Meserole St. [back: Johnson Av. - Broadway] - Johnson Av. - Wilson Av. - Cooper St. - Rockaway Ave. - Hegeman Av.
14S Wilson Av. Shuttle Hegeman Av. - Rockaway Ave. - Canarsie–Rockaway Parkway
15 Crosstown Greenpoint - Manhattan Av. - Bedford Av. [back: Driggs Av.] - Broadway Ferry - Wythe Av. - Flushing Av. - Vanderbilt Av. - Myrtle Av. - Willoughby St. - Court St. - Atlantic Av. - Columbia St. - Red Hook
16 Graham Av. Hunters Point (Queens) - Manhattan Av. - Flushing Av. - Brooklyn Bridge - Park Row (Manhattan)
21 DeKalb Av. Park Row (Manhattan) - Brooklyn Bridge - Adams St. - Willoughby St. - DeKalb Av. - Stanhope St. / Seneca Av. (to Myrtle Av.)
24 Broadway Williamsburg Plaza - Broadway - Fulton St. - Crescent St. - Cypress Hills
26 Putnam Av. Borough Hall - Livingston St. - Lafayette Av. - Fulton St. - Putnam Av. - Nostrand Av. - Halsey St. - Cypress Av. - Ridgewood (Queens)
27 Jamaica Av. Hopkinson Av. (Thomas S. Boyland St.) - Fulton St. - Jamaica Av. - 168th St. (Queens)
30 Eighth Av. 39th St. Ferry - 39th St. - 8th Av. - Bay Ridge Av.
31 86th St. Bay Ridge - Bay Ridge Av. - 5th Av. - 86th St. - 14th Av. - Bath Av. - 25th Av. - Ulmer Park - Stillwell Av. - Coney Island
32 5th Av. South Ferry - Atlantic Av. - 5th Av. - Fort Hamilton
34 Bay Ridge Av. Bay Ridge - Bay Ridge Av. - 13th Av. - 86th St. - 25th Av. - Ulmer Park
36 Sea Gate (Surf Ave.) Coney Island (W 36th St. - Surf Av. - W 8th St. - Neptune Av. - Sheepshead Bay)
38 West End (Utrecht Av.) Greenwood Cemetary - New Utrecht Av. - Bath Av. - Ulmer Park
41 Flatbush Av. Court St. - Livingston St. - Flatbush Av. - Marine Park [Branch: Flatbush Av. - Av. N - Bergen Beach]
42 Holy Cross Cemetery Nostrand Av. - Tilden Av. - Holy Cross Cemetery
44 Nostrand Av. Delancey Underground (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Williamsburg Plaza - Lee Av. - Nostrand Av. - Av. U
46 Utica & Reid Avenues Williamsburg Plaza - Broadway - Reid Av. (Malcolm X Blvd.) - Utica Av. - Av. N
48 Lorimer St. Varick Av. - Nassau Av. - Lorimer St. - Flushing Av. - Franklin Av. - Prospect Park - Church Av.
49 Ocean Av. Bergen St. - Rogers Av. - Ocean Av. - Sheepshead Bay
50 Bushwick Av. Williamsburg Plaza - Meserole St. [back: Johnson Av. - Broadway] - Bushwick Av. - Myrtle Av. - Ridgewood (Queens)
53 Metropolitan Av. Williamsburg Plaza - Grand St. - Metropolitan Av. - Jamaica Av.
54 Myrtle Av. & Court St. Red Hook - Court St. - Myrtle Av. - Ridgewood (Queens)
55 Richmond Hill Ridgewood (Queens) - Myrtle Av. - Jamaica Av.
57 Flushing Av. Park Row (Manhattan) - Brooklyn Bridge - Flushing Av. - Grand Av. - Maspeth
58 Flushing - Ridgwood Ridgewood (Queens) - Palmetto St. - Fresh Pond Rd. - Grand Av. - Corona Ave. - Horace Hardin Blv. - Flushing
59 Grand St. Williamsburg (Broadway) - Driggs Av. [back: Bedford Av.] - Grand St. - Grand Av. - Maspeth
63 Coney Island Ave. Church Av. - Coney Island Ave. - Coney Island
67 Seventh Av. Park Row (Manhattan) - Brooklyn Bridge - Joyce St. - Livingston St. - Flatbush Av. - 7th Av. - Greenwood Cem.
69 MacDonald - Vanderbilt Avenues Park Row (Manhattan) - Brooklyn Bridge - Flushing Av. - Vanderbilt Av. - Prospect Park W. - MacDonald Av. - Coney Island
72 Smith St. Brooklyn Bridge - Joyce St. - Smith St. - 9th St. - Prospect Park W. - Greenwood Cem.
73 Norton's Point Sea Gate - Coney Island (Stillwell Av.)
D Cypress Hills Cemetery Ridgewood - Cypress Av. - Cypress Hills Cemetery
H Junction Blvd. Elmhurst (Queens) - Junction Blvd. - New York Municipal (La Guardia) Airport
Q Williamsburg Bridge Local Delancey Underground (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Williamsburg Plaza


  B Broadway First Av. - 42nd St. - Times Sq. - Broadway - Amsterdam Av. - W 129th St.
  K Broadway, Amsterdam Av. & 125 St. Third Av. - 125th St. - Amsterdam Av. - Broadway - Marble Hill
  T Third & Amsterdam Av. Park Row - Bowery - Third Av. - 125th St. - Amsterdam Av. - 190th St.
X42 42nd St. Crosstown First Av. - 42nd St. - Times Sq. - 42nd St. - W 42nd St. Ferry
10 Tenth Av. W 42nd St. Ferry - 42nd St. - Tenth Av. - Broadway - Edgewater Ferry
X59 59th St. Crosstown Queensboro Bridge - 59th St. - Tenth Av. - 54th St.
X125 125th St. Crosstown Third Av. - 125th St. - Edgewater Ferry

Note: Crosstown routes were simply designated as X. The designations X42, X59 and X125 are used for clarity.


Operated by Queensborough Traction

QB Queensborough Bridge Railway 59th St. & 2nd Av. - Queensboro Bridge - Queensboro Plaza (Queens)

Note: The QB designation above is for clarity, and was not used by the operator.


Note: Subway routes in New York City sometimes varied in function of the day of the week, time of day and other factors. In the list below, I tried to present the normal weekday operation for each route.


  1   Q Brighton Beach Line Queensboro Plaza (Queens) - Times Square (Manhattan) - Manhattan Bridge - Stillwell Av. (Brooklyn)
  2   R Fourth Ave. Line Queensboro Plaza (Queens) - Times Square (Manhattan) - Montague St. Tunnel - 4th Ave. (Brooklyn) - Bay Ridge 95th St. (Brooklyn)
  3   T West End Line Times Square (Manhattan) - Manhattan Bridge - 4ht Ave. (Brooklyn) - New Utrecht Av. - 86th St. - Stillwell Av. (Brooklyn)
  4   N Sea Beach Line Times Square (Manhattan) - Manhattan Bridge - 4th Av. (Brooklyn) - Fort Hamilton Park - Stillwell Av. (Brooklyn)
  5 SS Culver Line Chambers Street (Manhattan) - Montague St. Tunnel - 4th Av. (Brooklyn) - MacDonald Av. - Stillwell Av. (Brooklyn)
  7 SS Franklin Ave. Shuttle Franklin Av. Station (Brooklyn) - Prospect Park (Brooklyn)
  8 - - Astoria Line Queensboro Plaza (Queens) - Ditmars Blvd. (Queens)
  9   7 Flushing Line Queensboro Plaza (Queens) - Flushing (Queens)
10   M Myrtle Av. - Chambers St. Line Chambers Street (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Broadway (Brooklyn) - Myrtle Av. - Metropolitan Av. (Queens)
11 MJ Myrtle Av. Line Downtown Brooklyn (Bridge / Jay Streets) - Myrtle Av. - Metropolitan Av. (Queens)
12 - - Lexington Av. Line Downtown Brooklyn (Bridge / Jay Streets) - Myrtle Av. - Lexington Av. - Broadway - Eastern Parkway (Brooklyn)
13 - - Fulton St. Line Rockaway Av. (Brooklyn) - Lefferts Av. (Queens)
14   K Broadway (Brooklyn) Line Canal Street (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Broadway (Brooklyn) - Canarsie Rockaway Parkway
15   J Jamaica Line Broad Street (Manhattan) - Williamsburg Bridge - Broadway (Brooklyn) - Jamaica Av. - 168th St. (Queens)
16   L 14th St. Canarsie Line 14th St. 8th Av. (Manhattan) - 14th St. Tunnel - Eastern Parkway (Brooklyn) - Canarsie Rockaway Parkway

Line numbers (in the first column) are those used by the operator in 1946. Letters (in the second column) indicate the letters used today for the same (or similar) route in the New York City transit system.


  A IND W 207th St. (Manhattan) - Rockaway Av. (Brooklyn)
AA IND Hudson Terminal (Manhattan) - W 168th St. (Manhattan)
BB* IND 34th Street / Herald Square (Manhattan) - W 168th St. (Manhattan)
  C IND 205th St. (Bronx) - Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets (Brooklyn)
CC* IND Bedford Park (Bronx) - Hudson Terminal (Manhattan)
  D IND Hudson Terminal (Manhattan) - 205th St. (Bronx)
  E IND Broadway-Lafayette St. (Manhattan) - 169th St. (Queens)
  F IND Parsons Blvd. (Queens) - Church Av. (Brooklyn)
GG IND Forest Hills - 71st Av. (Queens) - Smith 9th Streets (Brooklyn)

* Rush hour service only

Single-lettered lines were express (at least partly), while double-lettered lines were always local (i.e. stopping at all stations).


I1   1 Broadway - 7th Ave. - Brooklyn (Local & Express) 242nd St. (Bronx) - Broadway - 7th Ave. (Manhattan) - Joralemon St. Tunnel - Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn) - Eastern Parkway - New Lots Ave. (Brooklyn) / Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn)
I2   2 7th Ave. Express 241st St. (Bronx) - White Plains Rd. (Bronx) - Westchester Av. (Bronx) - Lenox Av. (Malcolm X Blvd.) (Manhattan) - Broadway - 7th Ave. (Manhattan) - Clark St. Tunnel - Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn) - Eastern Parkway - Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn)
I3   3 7th Ave. Express 145th St. (Bronx) - Lenox Av. (Malcolm X Blvd.) (Manhattan) - Broadway - 7th Ave. (Manhattan) - South Ferry
I4   4 Jerome Av. - Lexington Av. Express Woodlawn (Bronx) - Jerome Av. (Bronx) - Lexington Av. (Manhattan) - Joralemon St. Tunnel - Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn) - Eastern Parkway - Utica Av. (Brooklyn)
I5   5 Dyre Av. - Lexington Av. Express Dyre Av. (Bronx) - Esplanade (Bronx) - Westchester Av. (Bronx) - Lexington Av. (Manhattan) - Joralemon St. Tunnel - Flatbush Av. (Brooklyn) - Atlantic Av. (Brooklyn)
I6   6 Lexington Av. Pelham (Local & Express) Pelham Bay Park (Bronx) - Westchester Av. (Bronx) - Lexington Av. (Manhattan) - Brooklyn Bridge City Hall
I7   7 Flushing (Local & Express) Hudson Yards (Manhattan) - Times Square - Grand Central - Hunters Point (Queens) - Queensboro Plaza (Queens) - Flushing (Queens)
I8   S 42nd St. Shuttle Times Square (Manhattan) - Grand Central (Manhattan)

IRT Line indicators (I1 etc.) as given above are for clarity, and were not used by the operator. The number part tends to correspond to their number designation today, which are given in the second column.


(Part of the IRT system)

EL    Third Ave. El South Ferry (Manhattan) - Third Ave. (Manhattan and the Bronx) - E Gunn Hill Road (The Bronx)






The Trolley Museum of New York (in Kingston NY, 146 km north of New York City in the Hudson Valley) runs heritage stretcars in the summer season on ca. 25 km of track.





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Special thanks also to Russell Powers for information on the Queensboro railway.

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