These pages contain the flags of countries and separately administered territories of the world, together with distinctive codes used for various purposes.

When a general government portal for a certain country or territory is known, a link to it may be provided under the name of the country or territory.

Countries and territories are listed under their respective continents (or broad area, such as the Pacific). Countries that can be considered to be on more than one continent (e.g. Russia, Turkey) are listed in each. The five continents and broad areas are:

The two- and three-letter country and the numeric codes are from the international ISO 3166 standard.

Car Registration Codes are used to indicate the country in which a motor vehicle is registered.

Under Phone Codes are found the international dialling codes applicable for each country and territory.

When information is available for countries and territories that no longer exist as such, this information is provided in a separate table for each continent or region.

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